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In the past year, Eric Flannery has won a state championship as head coach at St. Edward High School in Lakeland, Ohio, and a gold medal as assistant coach for the 2014 USA Basketball Men’s U17 World Championship Team. He has just published a book about his experience and philosophy as a...


  • Date:
    Oct 30, 2014

Introduction Here is an exercise that will help you learn to shoot the jumper, the most effective shot in basketball. It is for all ages. However, boys and girls under 13 should use a smaller ball and the basket should be lower (8 ft. 6 in.). The exercise is in two parts, Getting Set and Shooting....

  • Author:
    Scott Kenney
  • Date:
    Oct 30, 2014

•  YOUTH TIPS: The Basic Jump Shot •  ADVANCED TIPS: Shooting Routines for Guards Here are three tips that you can implement right now into all of your basketball shooting drills. Whether it's shooting off the dribble, off the pass or from the triple-threat, these tips will...

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