2014 USA 3x3 National Championship
Colorado Springs, Colo.
May 9-11
2014 USA 3x3 National Championship
Colorado Springs, Colo.
May 9-11
2010 Nike Hoop Summit Quotes

2010 Nike Hoop Summit Quotes

April 10, 2010 - Portland, Oregon

USA Junior National Select Team Head Coach

-It must have been a tremendous halftime speech judging by that third quarter score. We came out very, very flat. I thought we were going to get run off the court for a little while. Then the first unit really clicked. We went to some full court pressure and I think that ended up being the difference. Their big man obviously had a great game but we're very happy with our whole team effort."

On Kanter:
-He's quite a force. We tried a few different things and we're just glad that there weren't that many kick-outs. We tried to drop down and rip a little bit, but he was still making baskets. He's a very, very good player. I'm just glad the game came out the way it did."

How worried were you during third quarter?
-Quite worried at that time. I was looking for something to put my foot down where we could get a stop and maybe turn the tide. I think Terrence's basket at the end of the third quarter was huge. It gave us a little lift and prevented us from being really deep in the hole.

-We didn't know really who to start after four practices, but the first unit clearly brought some fierce pressure and it wore them down a little bit. We knew from last year's game that their bigs negated our pressure by bringing the ball up the court so we went with a little zone pressure where we'd still be able to keep our guards up front.

On his 3-pointers:
-I have to commend my teammates " Kyrie Irving and Brandon Knight as well as some of the bigs like Jared and Patrick " for giving me good kick-outs and giving me good shots."

-It's a great opportunity for me to come here and not only represent our country, but represent the Midwest and the state of Iowa. I'm so humbled and honored by the experience."

-I had a good night shooting the three. Usually, I'm more in attack mode going to the hoop, but my teammates did a good job of finding me so it allowed me to get good shots."


On Kanter:
-He's light on his feet. He's very aggressive and he's strong. He's one of the strongest players I've played against, so he's a very good player. -

-It gives me confidence because everybody says I can't finish over bigger or more athletic people. It helped me to adjust my game to the next level."

-We determined as bigs not to get bullied and play hard every possession, because that ‘s what we came here to do: better ourselves and represent USA."


On his college selection:
-(I look for a place) where I'm comfortable. A place I feel like I can get better and be comfortable...(I'll make my decision) next week probably…I know (answering questions) is part of being recruited and part of the process, it's no big deal."

On his academics
-(Academics) are a pretty big factor. Wherever I go to school I plan to take my education seriously and do the best I can and pursue whatever I want to pursue. I'm not just going to focus just on basketball; wherever I go I'm going to focus on both aspects."

World Select Team Head Coach

-This group was a very similar group to last year in that we got them to play as a true team. In particular, in the first half, I thought that we were pretty soft from our standards. We spoke about that at halftime. What you just saw in the second half, in particular that third quarter, was just an outstanding display by a great bunch of guys who just get in and play hard. I'm really, really proud I've got these guys.

On Kanter:
-34 points, and 13 rebounds in 24 minutes is very, very impressive. It's probably one of the best I've seen in a long time, so well done."

On halftime changes:
-I felt that we were too selfish in the first half, that ball movement was very, very poor. We either dribbled it or we only got it to one side of the quart. It was all about trying to get ball movement and make them play some defense. That was one of the main things. The energy levels weren't good enough. We were just going through the motions…"


On Comparisons to other players:
-I've heard a lot of comparisons but I come in and just try to play hard. I don't really try to be like this player or that player, I just try to be me, and just play hard and if somebody gives me the opportunity to give me a comparison to guy like LaMarcus Aldridge, I'll be honored because he's a talented guy and a real good player. Those are some big shoes to fill, but I'm just trying to come in and give what I've got."

On the game:
-Our team did a great job and put out a good effort, but the ball just didn't tip our way this time."


On the game:
-I play with my team. I had 34 points because of my team."

On breaking Dirk Nowitzki's world team scoring record:
-He's a really good player. Everyone knows that he is a really good player. I'm excited."

On playing collegiatley at Kentucky:
-I'm really excited about Kentucky. Next year they've lost 5 players to the NBA, that's sad, but I'm excited."