2014 USA 3x3 National Championship
Colorado Springs, Colo.
May 9-11
2014 USA 3x3 National Championship
Colorado Springs, Colo.
May 9-11

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July 25, 2013 ē Las Vegas, Nev.

Jerry Colangelo

Jerry Colangelo (USA Basketball Managing Director)
What were your general impressions of the training this week and tonightís game?
Iíll be very short.† We had a great camp, it was great to be back in town and we got a lot accomplished.† We got a chance to see a terrific bunch of young players vying to get a spot going forward with one of our rosters, so it was a great week.† Secondly, to have close to 10,000 people show up for the game tonight is a great tribute to this community in terms of support. It almost gets to the point where youíre not surprised. It keeps getting better and better, and weíre so happy to call this our home.

Obviously we learn something everyday from watching the guys and this was just another day in the life of our group. So, some guys stepped it up and some really had great games today and others maybe not quite as good, but this is not focused on the game, itís about the time together, getting acquainted, for some getting to really learn all about us. So, weíre going to have a lot of time to evaluate the entire week, the game included, and then weíre going to watch each and every one of them during the course of the season because we have a lot of time on our side before we go forward.

Is there a timeline for when a pool might be announced?
Actually, we are going to start over and build a new pool. There will be carry-overs. There will be new names added, but that wonít be done until after the first of the year, sometime in January is what we talked about.† Bear in mind that there will be 25-28 names, something like that; and weíve always said itís fluid, that during the course of our quad theyíll be additions and deletions because circumstances happen; someone might get hurt; you never know what could take place.† But thatís the first step. Again, Iím putting an awful lot of merit for all of us in the course of the season coming up to watch each and every one of our guys who are here, theyíre entitled to that because we told them thatís exactly the way weíre going to do this.† The effort was really tremendous and the commitment was outstanding on the part† of each and every one of them and the fact that they want to be part of it is a great feeling for USA Basketball. We want to protect how we do it, we think thatís the way it should be done, so the next step will be Ė keep looking; keep talking and weíll make a selection of 25-28 in January.

Mike Krzyzewski

Mike Krzyzewski (USA head coach, Duke University)
What were your general impressions of the training this week and tonightís game?
We want to thank the city of Las Vegas for opening up its arms for USA Basketball and the Wynn for treating us so well. Itís a great environment for these guys to have a terrific week.

We were really pleased as a staff with this group. There were a couple of injuries, with Sanders, and during the game a couple of guys had their backs tighten up, so some limited minutes with that regard.†

The guys were terrific all week. I think we made a good first good step in this four-year period. Since Anthony (Davis) is here, Iíll comment about him so Iím not talking behind his back (laughing). I think as good as he was last year, heís stepped it up another couple levels, and that was exciting to see. He got better throughout the week and put on a heck of a performance tonight.

Without assessing, can you elaborate on Kyrieís play?
Kyrie is one of the special players in the NBA. Really the ball-handling stuff and that he never had before he came to Duke and Wojo (Steve Wojciechowski) taught him all that (laughing). I know his father would like to take credit for it but it came from Wojo. Both of these two guys (Irving and Davis) are exceptional talents and as talented as both of these guys are, they are so easy to coach and theyíre really good guys. I thought they probably performed the best in the limited time that Iíve watched basketball over the past four years, I would hazard a guess that they had great games, it was fun to watch and theyíll be a big help to us.

How do you get guys to not worry about their numbers?
Jerry has done a good job and I think our staff had done a good job throughout the week of telling them ĎLetís get acquainted with USA Basketball, Ďlet us get acquainted with youí. Then weíre going to watch them all year, all season. Itís not like there are only 12 spots, the (USA National Team) pool is a very fluid pool. Guys are going to keep developing, and so we are not going to make judgments tonight on guys.

About the timeout in the second half when a group of military members were being honored and one of them, Nathaniel Mills (Douglasville, Ga.), U.S. Air Force, Senior Airmen E-4, threw down a dunk to the delight of the crowd.
That was the play of the night and he did it in boots, although theyíre lighter than when I was in the militaryÖnot that I could have done it. That was the play of the night. And I want to thank the crowd for honoring the military so well. Thatí s what they need, thatís what they deserve, I thought that was the coolest part of the night when the military was honored.

Harrison Barnes

Harrison Barnes (Golden State Warriors)
What impressed you about Doug McDermott this week?
Well I saw him long before you guys did. Heís just doing what he usually does, making shots, stretching the floor, being real efficient with his shots and just being him.

Do you think he can make an impact in the NBA?
Thereís always a place for a shooter. I mean, he can make shots with the best of them. I donít know if he can make them with our two guys (Steph Curry and Klay Thompson), but he can shoot extremely well. So, heíll make a team.

When you played with him, did you ever envision him being this good?
Yeah. I mean, Doug, he averaged 19 points on our team. He was obviously a very skilled player, and his growth at Creighton really shows the type of development that heíll continue to have.

Was the Showcase experience everything you thought it would be tonight?
It was great. Iíve only had a chance rocking U-S-A on my chest one more time and that was when I was in high school, so just being able to come out here and not only just play against some of the best competition, but to play for the country is great.

What did you think of the crowd? They seemed like they were pretty alive most of the night.
Thatís a good Vegas crowd. I donít know if it was as hyped as the Warriors Summer League championship game, but it was pretty good.

Mike Conley

Mike Conley (Memphis Grizzlies)
You played some two-guard tonight. What was that like?
It was fun. It was a lot of fun. It kind of gave me a different perspective of the game. I had to do things differently, so I think hopefully Iíll get used to that, and hopefully with Memphis, weíll start doing a little bit more two man ball-handlers and being able to play off the ball.

You, Damian (Lillard) and John (Wall) have traveled to China this summer and spent a lot of time together. Whatís that experience been like?
Itís been a great experience. You get to meet guys and spend time with them off the court, and get to know what kind of people they are and then get to play with them on big stages. Itís a fun experience, and we learned a lot from each other.

You, DeAndre Jordan and Chandler Parsons are some of the more veteran guys. What is that experience like, going from being one of the younger players in the league to being one of the oldest?
It was weird. They all called me, 'old head' for the whole week, so it was different. It was different for me. But no, it was fun to kind of take that role, that different leadership role.

It was a two-point game at halftime, and then in the second half your team seemed like a whole new team. What changed?
I thought it was defense. Defense we really picked up on that end. We were able to convert turnovers into buckets, and we started making shots. We started making the three-ball, and that really opened up the floor for a lot of people and we were able to capitalize from that.

Was there any reason for the shaky start?
I just think everybody was trying too hard. Everybody wanted to come out and impress and play hard. So it was a little sluggish early, and we knew that was going to happen. But once we settled down, we were able to get the game under control.†

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis (New Orleans Pelicans)
What were your general impressions of the training this week and tonightís game?
I think the camp went really well.† A lot of guys stood up and competed, usually when you go to camps, not just USAB (camps), but guys really donít compete and take it serious. And for guys to show up and actually compete the way we did to make each other better, to play together Ö Guys played hard, shared the ball Ö

Given your role (on the Olympic Team) last year, was there anyone that stood out to you?
All the guys played well. All the guys bring something different to the table, so whatever that may be, whatever they bring thatís something special. All the guys played well. You really canít judge one person for something because another player might do something better. So, like I said, all of the guys played well, and hopefully everyone has a bright future and is going to get a chance to be in the pool for next year.

Is there someone you were excited to play with?
I was excited to play with everyone, just new looks, new faces, new styles of play, just getting accustomed. So, I kind of had an opportunity to play with Jrue (Holiday) a couple of times, we are going to be teammates next year, so I kind of got ahead. He played well. But I guess I did get a chance to play with everybody, like Kyrie said, guys who came in before or after you, so I just had a chance to play with them and see what they are about and to learn their styles in case we end up meeting again at USA Basketball in the future.

About the timeout in the second half when a group of military members were being honored and one of them, Nathaniel Mills (Douglasville, Ga.), U.S. Air Force, Senior Airmen E-4, threw down a dunk to the delight of the crowd.
Ö I saw him go up, I thought it was a layup, I didnít know he was going to dunk it so it was like surprising especially in boots and in full uniformÖso it was surprising so just imagine how high he can go without it. That was amazing and to just get that experience and be on the floor with us has got to be a great experience. †

Derrick Favors

Derrick Favors (Utah Jazz)
What are you taking away from this experience?
Just how to bring it everyday in practice. You know, being around a lot of other good basketball players and just working hard and bringing it every day.

Paul George

Paul George (Indiana Pacers)

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Tyler Zeller
Gordon Hayward (Utah Jazz)
What was the Showcase experience like?
We got smashed, but it was just good to be out there and competing with USA on your chest.

You donít like to lose. Is that kind of bugging you that you guys couldnít pull off the win tonight?
Yeah. Itís pretty frustrating, but you know, what can you do? When I was out there, I played hard.

What do you take away from this experience?
Basically the whole thing, I guess. Listening to the coaches, hearing what they have to say. Just playing with these guys is good for me. Competing with the best and practicing with the best only makes you better, so that aspect of it was great.

Where do you go from here?
Just back home, work out for a little bit. Then Iíll be in Santa Barbara.

Did you like the crowd tonight?
Yeah it was good. It seemed like there was quite a bit of energy. They were into it for the most part.

Did you gain a lot of confidence from this week?
Yeah I gained some confidence for sure. I gained some respect probably from other people. But I just tried to get better through this week, and I think I did.

Jrue Holiday

Jrue Holiday (New Orleans Pelicans)

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Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers)
What were your general impressions of the training this week and tonight game?
It was a great experience, and I want to thank USA Basketball for inviting me out. I had fun. It was a fun three days. I learned a lot from these guys. Competing at the highest level is what I love to do, so going forward hopefully Iím invited next year to the World Cup team, it would be a great honor.

Kyrie, in the second quarter you made back-to-back shots. At that point, did you feel it was time to take over?
We just had to pick up our intensity on both ends of the floor. †I thought our team had too many turnovers in the first quarter, we had about 10. Going into the second quarter everybody kind of got settled in, got used to the basketball, the FIBA basketball. †Me personally I was just trying to have faith in myself and my teammates and thatís what itís about. Like I said, everybody got settled in. Nerves were a factor in the beginning. The Blue Team got up 8-0 had a few too many turnovers, but we did a great job and picked it up on the defensive end first and the offense took care of itself.

How did last yearís experience with the Select Team that trained against the Olympic team help you this year?
I had an opportunity to come out, again, for a second time in a row and be a part of† USA Basketball.† First off itís an honor to compete with guys that you came in with or that are a year below or year ahead of you, a couple of veterans here and there, weíre all competing to be in the pool like coach said for next year. It was great; the competition was great. The four days of camp that we had, it was a little bit easier transition from last year, especially when you were playing against the likes of LeBron of Kobe every single day, and theyíre beating up on you a little bit. That was fun, and it carried over into my season for my second year and coming here for this camp, like I said the experience truly is -- Iíll remember it forever. The last few days were great.

Did you participation last year help you this year?
Coming in I still had nerves. Going into camp Coach and Mr. Colangelo pulled me aside a few times and for me personally as well I wanted to separate myself somehow from this group and show what I could bring to the team for next year.

Well, itís always in the back of your mind, but you have to be in the moment right now, and thatís what all of us tried to do. We all like to compete, and we compete at a high level.

About the timeout in the second half when a group of military members were being honored and one of them, Nathaniel Mills (Douglasville, Ga.), U.S. Air Force, Senior Airmen E-4, threw down a dunk to the delight of the crowd.
I saw him do it before the game but I didnít actually catch the actual dunk, but I looked up on the replay screen when they replayed it and for him to do that like Anthony said in full uniform, thatís amazing.

Tyler Zeller
Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers)
What was the Showcase experience like for you?
It was fun. Just to be out there and try to play the game how my role would probably be on a team in this situation. It was fun playing off the ball a little bit, handling the ball and just playing with that type of talent.

Were you pleased with the crowd?
They just pretty much wanted to see a show. It was a lot of ooo's and aahís over passes and dunks and stuff like that. Thatís what they come here to see. But weíre all trying to compete against each other, have fun and give ourselves a chance to make the team. I thought we had a lot of fun.

It was a two-point game at halftime and then it seemed as if the White team slowly pulled away in the second half. Talk about the second half a little bit.
We were smaller, so I thought they handled us on the boards, outrebounded us, and that led to a lot of transition dunks and open shots. We could have done a better job communicating in transition. We could have got some better shots on offense, but they just played a better game than us.

Were they talking a little trash after the game?
No, not really. It was a competitive game, but nobody really had a lot to say on the floor.

How do you feel like you played?
I thought I played OK. I missed some shots. I had a couple good looks that I felt like I should of made and I didnít make. But I didnít want to put too much pressure on myself about doing everything the right way, making every shot. I just wanted to play the game as I would have to play it, as if I was on the team. †

It looked as if you and Kyrie (Irving) were going head to head in that first quarter. What was it like for you?
It was the first time we had actually matched up against each other. Heís competitive. Iím competitive. For a second in that first quarter, we got going back-and-forth a little bit. It was fun, man. But eventually the execution kicked in. We started running a lot of pick-and-roll. He played a good floor game. Their team just played a better overall game than us.

Greg Monroe

Greg Monroe (Detroit Pistons)

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Klay Thompson
Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors)

You came out strong and hit some shots. How did the rest of the game go for you?
Not too well because we got beat by 20. I donít think we moved the ball well enough. We didnít get back on transition defense well enough. But other than that, it was a great experience.

Can you comment on how Harrison Barnes played?
Harrison played great. He was very aggressive. He showed what he can do if you play him at the stretch four. Heís going to be a mismatch every time you play him there. And you know, (heís) a great shot-creator. So, Iím proud of Harrison. He did all the little things, too.

What do you take away most from these four days out in Las Vegas?
Just what I need to work on, learning some stuff from other guys' games; what theyíre good at and what I could take from them.

Was the mini-camp experience everything you expected it to be?
Yeah it was fun, a lot of fun. It was pretty competitive too.

John Wall

John Wall (Washington Wizards)

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