2014 USA 3x3 National Championship
Colorado Springs, Colo.
May 9-11
2014 USA 3x3 National Championship
Colorado Springs, Colo.
May 9-11
Additional Quotes >> USA 102, Venezuela 76

Additional Quotes >> USA 102, Venezuela 76

June 18, 2009 - Mendoza, Argentina

Don ShowalterUSA head coach Don Showalter (Mid-Prairie High School, Iowa)
On today's game:
We knew from the film they'd be a very aggressive team, a good rebounding team. They're not real tall, but they've got a little length to them and that caused us a little trouble. They're a typical international team. They get you up in the air on their fakes, they score, they run about 10 screens at you. That's typical international basketball. Screens are pretty hard set at times. It was a physical game.

Did the USA's depth wear Venezuela down?
Yes, no question our depth was a factor, especially in that third quarter. Toward the end of the third quarter we made a great run. I think that was because we had some guys off the bench in, Sterling Gibbs was in, Chass Randle was another who was in at that time. We put a run on them right there and went up by about a 20-point margin in the third quarter.

How important is it for the team to keep its collective composure during physical games like this one?
You tell them and tell them about it, but until they actually go through it, it's hard for them to understand. I think this game was good for that because now they understand, ‘you know what? If I hit back, it's going to be a foul on my and not the first push or shove.' For the most part I thought our kids adjusted really well to that. They got into the mindset that that was the way it was going to be. After that I think we played better.

What are your thoughts on the USA team's play today?
I thought this was an overall team effort. Brad (Beal) didn't have as good of a shooting game tonight, but he does so many other things really well. I told him after the game ‘if you're only judging your performance by your points, then you have to reevaluate how you're playing,' because he does a lot of things really well for us. Tony Parker came off the bench strong, Andre Drummond had a good game for us. Quinn Cook had an outstanding game. He controls the game so well from the point guard position. Then you have Chass (Randle) and Sterling Gibbs coming off the bench, that really gives you some added depth. And I thought Brandan (Kearney) came off the bench and played really well, he was very active. We got a lot of good contributions from everybody.  

Quinnn CookQuinn Cook (DeMatha H.S. / Bowie, Md.)
On the Venezuela team:
They were playing very physical. I wouldn't call it dirty, but they were doing some things that we're not used to in the States. Coaches told us to fight through it and that's what we did. They were just getting us ready for the next team.

Do you feel good about where the team is right now?
Yes, I'm very confident. I'll throw us against anybody. It doesn't matter about the age, it doesn't matter what country. Like I said yesterday, when we share the ball we're great. If we keep sharing the ball, rebounding and playing defense, we can't be beat.

On his 8-0 opening run:
I just wanted to come out aggressive. I wanted to throw the first punch. I was lucky enough to get a couple baskets to get some momentum. I just wanted to be aggressive.

Sterling GibbsSterling Gibbs (Seton Hall Prep / Scotch Plains, N.J.)
On the game:
Venezuela, they weren't the biggest team we've ever played, but they were one of the toughest and hardest playing teams that we'll see in this whole tournament. They played hard and I think that's what kept them in the game. Their big men just scrapped and their guards scrapped. It was tough, but at the end we were able to pull it away.

On the USA's depth:
That's real important. I don't think there's a team that has the same kind of depth as us. I don't think there's a team with any depth near us. Everyone on this team is used to being a starter on their team. So coming off the bench is different, but at the same time there's no let down at all.

You've been providing some tenacious defense off the bench. Is that something you've been working on?
I've been working on it. I had to work on it because everybody wants to play. That was the main thing that I needed to do to get more playing time for us. There was no exact defensive stopper, except for Adonis Thomas. So if I was able to come in and play defense as well as he plays, then I think I'd play a little more.

On the USA's effort against Venezuela:
It was great. I don't think we could ask for anything more. They countered our shots, but we kept coming with it. I couldn't ask for anything more from my teammates.

Johnny OJohnny O'Bryant (Eastside H.S. / Cleveland, Miss.)
On today's game:
They had good heart and they were fighting. They were fighting no matter what. They actually gave it to us for a minute. But we stood strong and played through it.

On his rebounding effort:
I was just trying to rebound. I knew we could score and if we could get the rebound, we could go down and score on the other end.

On the USA's depth:
We need to be deep because in that last game somebody's motor might run out. But we can bring somebody in that's just as good, who can provide the same things on the court. If I was on the other team I would be scared seeing that we're big in our starting lineup and then we can bring in another five in who is just as big.

On the play of the USA against Venezuela:
We all played good. When someone isn't doing good, we've always got someone else coming in and picking up the slack.

Tony ParkerTony Parker (Miller Grove H.S. / Lithonia, Ga.)
On the game:
We did a good job of attacking, not letting the fouls get to our heads, staying focused and playing team basketball.

Do you feel good about where the team is right now?
Yes, I feel really good about where the team is. We're staying focused, not letting anything get in the way of our friendship and our familyness. We're doing great.

You kept your composure during a very physical game. How difficult is it to fight through that?
It's hard, but we just have to keep calm, stay poised and play through it. Play harder and harder.

Did you feel the team's depth wore Venezuela down?
Yes, we kind of wore them down in the first half. Then we finished them off in the second half.

Chasson RandleChasson Randle (Rock Island H.S. / Rock Island, Ill.)
On today's game:
First of all, hats off to Venezuela. They played a good game. They were physical. They hit the boards hard and played real hard. They didn't give up. They played pretty well today. I'm glad our guys stepped up. Everybody played a good game today and we won.

Did your depth simply wear them down in the second half?
That's exactly what I think happened. We're so deep on the bench, anybody can come in and play great. That's what happened today and we came out with the victory.

How important will the bench be as the tournament continues?
It's going to be very important. Guys' bodies are going to start to wear down. We need each other and it will be important in these next three games.

What does the team still need to work on?
Probably defense a little bit, hitting the boards harder and just playing hard.

What did you think about your team today?
They played great. Anytime you win, you're happy. Everybody stepped up. I'm proud of my teammates.