2014 USA 3x3 National Championship
Colorado Springs, Colo.
May 9-11
2014 USA 3x3 National Championship
Colorado Springs, Colo.
May 9-11

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Kazan, Russia ē July 7, 2013

Bob McKillop

USA head coach Bob McKillop (Davidson College)
On how the team played:
One of the great joys of coaching is playing 40 minutes, and these guys gave us that joy tonight because we played consistently from start to finish. We started fast, we finished strong.

On keeping the team focused with a large lead:
We got a wake-up call from Russia in our scrimmage. We addressed it immediately in the aftermath of that game, and itís been a theme since then. The guys have maturity; they understand. Theyíre college players, and theyíve been through this. This is like the start of the conference schedule for us, and weíre hoping the conference schedule prepares us for the 'NCAA tournament' and every conference game counts.

On areas to improve upon:
Our transition defense needs to get better. I think our out-of-bounds defense needs to improve. I thought our shot selection was superb. Our shooting percentage needs to improve, but I thought our shots were all very good ones.

On recording 36 assists as a team:
It shows the unselfish spirit of the team. We need to take what we did today when the cheerleaders were cheering and the band was playing and be able to do that in adverse conditions.

Yogi Ferrell

Yogi Ferrell (Indiana/Indianapolis, Ind.)
On how the team played tonight:
We played awesome. I knew we were going to share the ball very well, passing it to each other up the court and everyone was knocking down shots. When weíre playing like that, being unselfish, having fun, we can win big like that.

On recording 13 assists:
I feel thatís all I really need to do for this team is just share and distribute the ball, because we have so many scorers on this team. I feel like itís a pretty simple job for me.

On remaining focused while playing with a big lead:
Thereís always trouble staying focused when youíre up by so much, but we have to stay true to ourselves and what weíre trying to work on and get ready for these tougher teams.

On whether the team improved today:
I feel like we got better, especially from that loss in the scrimmage. We got our confidence back, and this is a big win for us. It definitely brought us closer together as a team.

Cory Jefferson

Cory Jefferson (Baylor/Kileen, Texas)
On how the team played tonight:
I think we did really well. We bounced back from the last scrimmage we played, which we didnít feel too good about. This was a confidence builder and a good way to start off the first few games.

On remaining focused while playing with a big lead:
We know what the goal is, and we want gold. It wasnít just playing a team, it was playing a game of basketball to get our team ready and get in the right step. We played well.

On being in the starting lineup:
Itís all in the game. I just want to get in there whether itís starting or coming off the bench, I want to come in there and get in there to do what Iím supposed to do for my team.

Sean Kilpatrick

Sean Kilpatrick (Cincinnati/Yonkers, N.Y.)
On what the team accomplished after jumping out to an early lead:
Especially due to the fact that this tournament includes an advantage for points scored, we just wanted to keep the pedal to the metal because we know that any team here is good. So, it is great to send a message in the first game.

On beginning competition:
We didnít like how we performed, especially in our last scrimmage that we had, and there were a lot of assignments we missed, like with free-throw shooting and especially with ball screens. Everything didnít go as planned with the scrimmage, so we wanted to make sure it did in this game.

On recording 36 assists as a team:
Everyone on this team can score, and thatís an advantage. We have the best players in the USA as of right now, and it was good to come down here with these guys and play this game. Everyone on this team plays the game the right way. When youíve got guys that share the ball this well then itís very special.

Alex Kirk

Alex Kirk (New Mexico/Los Alamos, N.M.)
On how the team played:
It was pretty exciting. It was a lot of fun, and I think we came out and showed that weíre a pretty good team after all. It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed the experience. I think we can build on it from here.

On recording 36 assists as a team:
That was definitely special. I think sometimes in those situations, people try to take it one-on-one, but itís nice to have everyone passing like that and moving the ball around. Itís something to build on for future games when itís a little tougher competition. Weíre used to making that extra pass to get people open. Weíll see if we can keep this momentum moving forward.

On playing with a big lead:
I think we did play a full 40 minutes. Sometimes in those situations itís a little bit easier to do, but itís also really hard to stay focused and keep working. Points do matter in this kind of situation and we took advantage of it; we kept building on our lead and playing better and better.

Aaron White

Aaron White (Iowa/Strongsville, Ohio)
On starting competition:
It was good. Weíve been here for five days so I think weíre all excited to get on the floor and play together and get this tournament started.

On playing with a big lead:
Thatís kind of the challenge; you have to try to get better in each game you play no matter how the scoreboard looks. We just looked at each quarter like we were trying to win every quarter and get better from it.

On recording 36 assists as a team:
Weíre unselfish. Thatís how we have to play in a competition like this. Back at school, every one of these guys is one of the best players at their respective schools, but when it comes to something like this, you have to play for your country and play for your team. Youíve got to take roles youíre not accustomed to, and I think weíre doing that well. It shows with the 36 assists.