2014 USA 3x3 National Championship
Colorado Springs, Colo.
May 9-11
2014 USA 3x3 National Championship
Colorado Springs, Colo.
May 9-11

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Kazan, Russia • July 12, 2013

Bob McKillop

USA head coach Bob McKillop (Davidson College)
On the game:

Canada certainly is a very good team. They look like a team, they played like a team. Our guys emptied their gas tanks. They gave a great effort, but we fell short.

On the challenge of limited training time:
This is really difficult for our guys because we are basically an all-star team that has to become a national team in a very short period of time. To be able to take full advantage of the abilities that we have, I think we needed to develop some habits. They are not accustomed to the roles, so they are adapting to all different roles, and it's really difficult for our guys, and they emptied their tank.

Were you trying to adapt to the team as well, trying to figure out rotations?
The Canadians, they play a 10-man rotation, which they used for the nine games while they were in China. They used it in their training camp in both Portland and Toronto, so they had a real rhythm to their rotation. We just didn't have that rhythm. A lot of that has to do with the fact that all guys are playing different roles, and they are called upon to play different roles and they sacrificed as best they could. It just didn't work.

What did you tell the team after the game?
I told them this was something for their memory bank, and let's make sure that when you invest and commit as much as you have, there is going to be a return. You may not know when it's going to come back, but this return of your investment is going to come your way. And the first opportunity we have to do something about it is on Sunday. It's as if we just got knocked out of the conference tournament. And that's the way we looked at it -- this was a conference season that led to an NCAA bid, that led to the national championship, and now we are playing in the NIT.

Luke Hancock

Luke Hancock (Louisville/Roanoke, Va.)
On the game:
We didn't defend well enough to win the game. That's as simple as it gets. If you give up that many points, it's going to be hard to win games no matter what you do.

What is the game plan moving forward?
I don't know yet. I don't even know who we are playing. Obviously, we want to win out the rest of our games. It's tough not being able to play for a medal, but we are just going to try and win the rest.

Tyler Haws

Tyler Haws (BYU/Alpine, Utah)
On the game:
You have to give a lot of credit to Canada. They hit big shot after big shot and had lots of threes. We probably could have done a few things better defensively, and we could have finished around the basket maybe a little bit better, but you have to give them credit. They are a good team.

What is the team's focus now?
We get to keep playing. We have three more games to play, so we have to finish it out and make the most of what we have.