2014 USA 3x3 National Championship
Colorado Springs, Colo.
May 9-11
2014 USA 3x3 National Championship
Colorado Springs, Colo.
May 9-11

Additional Quotes >> USA 71, Brazil 47

Gurabo, Puerto Rico • Aug. 19 2012

Katie Meier

Katie Meier, USA and University of Miami head coach
On today’s game:
We’ve been very businesslike this whole tournament, but we were shooting at such a high percentage this whole tournament and you just didn’t know if we could keep that up. Brazil came at us very physically and put us in a hole. But, like I said, this team’s been tremendous at making adjustments and we had to make several adjustments tonight based on the way Brazil was defending us.

On the halftime adjustments:
We were trying to get it inside too early in our offense and they were taking our first and second … they did a great job of scouting. So, we had to go to our third option, which was to go a little deeper in the sets and stretch the floor more in transition. We had to flatten them out a little bit. The kids understood it. We choose different angles in our passes and different opportunities to get it inside and I think it really showed up.

On the three double-doubles:
Those three were workhorses down there. They just battled and battled and battled. When I say it was a physical game, it was an extremely physical game. So every time Bre (Stewart) or B (Bashaara Graves) or Morgan (Tuck) got a touch, it was well earned. They really had to even focus on a catch. They were getting swarmed. That’s what opened up Michael Mabrey and she just put us on her back there for awhile and brought us back into the game.

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Nikki Caldwell

Nikki Caldwell, USA assistant coach (LSU)
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Kelly Graves

Kelly Graves, USA assistant coach (Gonzaga University)
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Candice Agee

Candice Agee (Silverado H.S./Victorville, Calif.)
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Lexie Brown

Lexie Brown (North Gwinnett H.S. / Suwanee, Ga.)
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Kendall Cooper

Kendall Cooper (St. Anthony H.S. / Carson, Calif.)
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Bashaara Graves

Bashaara Graves (Clarksville H.S. / Clarksville, Tenn.)
What does it feel like to have that gold medal around your neck?
I don’t even know what to say. I’m just so happy and excited. I’m just jittery right now. I’m happy for my teammates that we did it together.

On not panicking when falling behind early:
I think it was just about us looking forward to the end, looking to the gold and not panicking. We were looking at that moment and looking forward at what our goal was.

Was defense a key to this team?
I think defense was a key, because at the beginning our shots weren’t falling. So, we just knew that we could come back on steals and rebounds, and we’d get back going on offense.

What did Coach Meier talk to you about at halftime?
It was just the gold medal. Looking at the end goal, knowing that we worked so hard for this, we didn’t want to not get it. At the beginning it was so close that it wasn’t ours. We didn’t want to end like that.

Moriah Jefferson

Moriah Jefferson (Texas Home Educators Sports Association / Glenn Heights, Texas)
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Michaela Mabrey

Michaela Mabrey (Manasquan H.S. / Belmar, N.J.)
What does it feel like to have that gold medal around your neck?
The feeling is indescribable, because we’ve worked so hard the last two week, then at trials, being there at Orlando, knowing that all the hard work paid off is just a great feeling.

What was your mindset when the team was down by 11?
I knew that we would bounce back. Coach was giving us confidence. She wasn’t freaking out at all. She was just telling us to calm down. I think we were a little jittery and a little nervous in the beginning. But once we came together and we decided to play USA Basketball, when we did that things started to turn around.

What did Coach Meier talk to you about at halftime?
We made adjustments, especially in the end of the second quarter No. 8 hit two threes, so we needed to make an adjustment on that because that was one of our goals. Don’t let them have any threes, especially No. 8, so we made an adjustment on that. But, she just said that we need to play us. We can’t worry about them. We have to go out and play our game, because we’re a hell of a team. We just went out in the second half and we everyone just played amazing.

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Alexis Prince

Alexis Prince (Edgewater / Orlando, Fla.)
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Breanna Stewart

Breanna Stewart (Cicero-North H.S. / North Syracuse, N.Y.)
On today’s game:
They came out very strong and aggressive and I think it rattled us a little bit, just because obviously in the first quarter we were struggling to score. But, I think once we regrouped and got ourselves composed, we realized that we could turn around and go right back at this team and that’s what we did.

Was it the team’s defense?
When Michaela, she hit some clutch threes to help us get into the momentum. Then, the defense, we really stepped it up and everything started flowing from there.

On being named MVP:
I was really surprised I got that, actually. It’s nice, but I’d rather have a gold medal.

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Morgan Tuck

Morgan Tuck (Bolingbrook H.S./ Bolingbrook, Ill.)
How does it feel to have another gold medal hung around your neck?
It felt reall great. It’s always great to win games, but to come out here and win a gold medal, it’s unbelievable.

Does it make the gold even more sweet when you look at how hard you had to work tonight?
Yeah, it did, because we got down early in the game. I think it was 9-2, or something like that. It just showed that we do have the fight in us to come back in games, because all of our other games we were up most of the time. It definitely gave us a different look and gave us a little adversity to prove that we could push through.

There was no panic, it looked like you just settled down on defense. Was that your mindset?
Yeah, I think we just had to play our game. We were kind of rushing things, going too fast, taking too many jump shots. I think we just had to get back to our game, to how we played the past games, because they were successful.

What did Coach Meier talk to you about at halftime?
She definitely talked about running the plays on offense, just playing our game. Stop the dribble penetration, because that was something that was really hurting us on the defensive end. Basically, just keeping them out of the lane.

Jannah Tucker

Jannah Tucker (New Town H.S. / Randallstown, Md.)
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