2014 USA 3x3 National Championship
Colorado Springs, Colo.
May 9-11
2014 USA 3x3 National Championship
Colorado Springs, Colo.
May 9-11

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Kazan, Russia • July 15, 2013

Sherri Coale

Sherri Coale (USA and University of Oklahoma head coach)
At what point tonight, did you allow yourself to feel comfortable with the lead:
With two minutes left. I just didn't feel like anything was safe and tried to focus on every possession. But with about two minutes left, it felt pretty good.

How does it feel to win with this group?
I'm so proud of them. This is such a difficult thing. You can say, 'look how good these players are,' and they are, they are very, very talented, but fitting all that together in a short amount of times against these teams that have years of experience together is a real challenge. I think our success speaks to the selflessness of these guys on this team who were willing to play roles, whatever those roles might be, different roles on different nights. Guys who were willing to buy in and be respectful of our coaching staff and try to do it the way that we asked. You couldn't do that without them being mature enough to do that, and they did in a great way.

What was different tonight, as compared to the scrimmage against Russia, which the USA lost by five points?
When we scrimmaged them we didn't run anything, and we messed around with a zone defense for a little bit. Tonight, we had had an opportunity to watch them play several times live, so we had a defensive game plan that our kids executed beautifully. They did a tremendous job defensively against a team that is very hard to guard.

Brian Giorgis

Brian Giorgis (USA assistant coach, Marist College)

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Sherri Coale

Coquese Washington (USA assistant coach, Penn State University)

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Crystal Bradford

Crystal Bradford (Central Michigan University/Detroit, Mich.)
On winning a gold medal:
It's an unexplainable feeling. I wouldn't want to have it with anyone but these 11 girls. I think everybody on this team deserved it. We all worked hard. The best feeling is, it wasn't given to us. We worked for it. So, to say was deserve it is huge.

On her performance:
What I did was I got out of myself, and I though to myself, 'what do I need to do to help my team?' I knew it was quick offense. I'm coming off the bench to bring a spark and intensity into the game, and that's what I knew I had to do. I'm just happy that I could do that for my team.

What will you take away from this experience?
First of all, I learned that I can play with some of the best. To win a gold medal is crazy. What I took out of it was, in any situation, in any environment, you have to learn to adapt, period. Russia is completely different from America, so we had to adapt to it. I'm glad all of our team adapted. I'm glad everybody came out of this healthy, and it's just a blessing.

Aaryn Ellenberg

Aaryn Ellenberg (University of Oklahoma/Las Vegas, Nev.)

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Reshanda Gray

Reshanda Gray (University of California/Los Angeles, Calif.)

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Cassie Harberts

Cassie Harberts (University of Southern California/San Clemente, Calif.)

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Bria Hartley

Bria Hartley (University of Connecticut/North Babylon, N.Y.)

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Jordan Hooper

Jordan Hooper (University of Nebraska/Alliance, Neb.)
On getting her first start and her first-quarter performance:
Rebounding was my number one goal for tonight; it's been my number one goal every night. But tonight, it was definitely in the back of my mind. I knew I had to rebound and get us second-chance points.

On winning a gold medal:
Awesome. It was the best feeling in the whole world, honestly.

How did you enjoy the overall experience?
I never thought a little Alliance (Neb.) kid would come to Russia. It was awesome. I've loved this experience. I love the kids. I loved the coaches, everybody. I've loved the entire experience.

Tricia Liston

Tricia Liston (Duke University/River Forest, Ill.)

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Ariel Massengale

Ariel Massengale (University of Tennessee/Bolingbrook, Ill.)

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Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis

Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis (University of Connecticut/Anaheim Hills, Calif.)
On tonight's game:
Coach Coale told us there were three things we were going to have to do defensively, and that was stay in a stance, close out and rebound, and I think we did those three things pretty well throughout the whole game. We made sure that we always had the upper hand on Russia.

On winning a gold medal:
I can't really describe the feeling. Being able to win with this group of girls, and to come together so quickly and play as well as we did, it's pretty awesome for us.

What will you do with your fourth gold medal?
I'm going to give it to my dad and have him mount it up on the wall for memories, next to the other three.

Do you think this experience helped you get better as a players?
I definitely think I've been able to grow this summer. I had to play the four, be in there with the big guys, and it definitely got me to widen my game. I was able to go inside-out. That definitely helped a lot.

Theresa Plaisance

Theresa Plaisance (Louisianna State University/New Orleans, La.)

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Shoni Schimmel

Shoni Schimmel (University of Louisville/Mission, Ore.)

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Odyssey Sims

Odyssey Sims (Baylor University/Irving, Texas)
On tonight's game:
We just concentrated. Coach gave us our game plan, and we stuck with it, went in and we trusted each other. We kept fighting. On help side we stayed together. As coach said, we showed championship behavior. We huddled, even when we made a turn over, we huddled. That's what lifted us up to win this gold medal.

What does it mean to you to win tournament MVP?
It means a lot. I came out here and played, I trusted my teammates, I never gave up, but the gold medal means more to me than MVP.

On being the first USA woman to win two World University Games gold medals:
It feels great. I didn't even know I was the first one. It's a great honor. I was blessed to get picked the first time, and I was blessed to get picked the second time. Luckily, I was on a great team, surrounded by great players. I was able to make them look good, and they were able to make me look good, and we succeeded and accomplished what we needed to in three weeks.

How did it feel when the horn sounded and the game was over?
It felt great. It was almost like a national championship feeling. It feels great. You think about nothing else but winning the gold.