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  • Author:
    By Dr. T.J. Allan, Pharm.D, performance specialist
  • Date:
    May 27, 2015

More than 99 percent of vertical jump training programs include the squat as its primary bilateral leg strength exercise. It's commonly referred to as the king of leg exercises. A strong squat usually equals a big vertical jump. While I necessarily don't disagree with any of the above statements, I...

Here are several two-ball drills to help players improve ball handling.

  • Author:
    Shelby Turcotte
  • Date:
    May 20, 2015

Coaches should recruit quickness, not height. - John Wooden It doesn't matter how tall you are if you can't move well. Quickness on the court can help a player cut through traffic and get open on offense as well as be pesky and annoying on defense.  Here's how you can do the same: Improve Your...

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