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Red Bull USA Basketball 3X Nationals

Qualification Pathway

The qualification pathway to the Red Bull USA Basketball 3X Nationals includes two event tiers: Red Bull 3X Qualifier Events and Red Bull USA Basketball 3X Regionals. Each year, Red Bull plans to host approximately 20 local events split into four regions: East, South, Midwest and West. Top finishers from 3X Qualifier Events can qualify to register for the 3X Regional in that specific region. For more information, please contact Sam Schultz.

*Red Bull USA Basketball 3X Regionals:

  • East Region (Sept. 12 @ Boston, MA)
  • Midwest Region (Sept. 26 @ Minneapolis, MN)
  • South Region (Oct. 9 @ Charlotte, NC)
  • West Region (Oct. 24 @ Oakland, CA)

Red Bull 3X Qualifier Events:

East Region 

Midwest Region

South Region

 West Region


*To advance to one of the four Red Bull USA Basketball 3X Regionals, teams must qualify through a Red Bull 3X Qualifier Event.

Host a Qualifying Tournament

Qualification to the Red Bull USA Basketball 3X Nationals is built around Red Bull 3X Local Tournaments and Red Bull USA Basketball 3X Regionals, as previously noted above. In addition, there is a pathway for operators to apply to host a qualifier at the local level which would lead to a 3X Regional. Operators must agree to abide by the USA Basketball and FIBA event standards and requirements.

USA Basketball Requirements

To be eligible to host an official qualifier,

  • The operator/host organization must have operated at least one 3x3 tournament within the past three years. In addition, the tournament must have been operated using the FIBA Event Maker and must have been validated by FIBA.

Gameplay Rules and Requirements

Qualifiers MUST operate games using the below official FIBA 3x3 Rules

  • 10-minute game clock or first team to score 21 points
  • 12-second shot clock
  • Continuous play, no check ball
  • Game is scored by 2s and 1s

FIBA Event Maker Requirements

Qualifiers MUST comply with all FIBA Event Maker requirements, which includes:

  • Create the event on Event Maker prior to the scheduled event date
  • Allow teams to register for the event
  • Ensure all competing athletes have a confirmed 3x3 profile and are correctly tied to the event
  • After conclusion of the event, enter results and validate the event

For a full explainer on how to use the FIBA Event Maker, click HERE.

Application process and approval process

After reviewing the event standards and requirements above, if you are interested in applying to host a local qualifier leading to a Red Bull USA Basketball 3X Regional, please refer to the below process:

Step 1: Complete the USA Basketball 3x3 Local Qualifier Interest Form (email for more info)

Step 2: All interest forms are reviewed by USA Basketball

Step 3: Based on available hosting opportunities, USA Basketball may contact the listed operator to schedule an event overview call

  • The operator will provide an overview of the event, including: potential dates, location, divisions of play, registration process, goals, etc.
  • USA Basketball will provide an in-depth overview of USA Basketball and FIBA standards and requirements.

Step 4: As a follow up to the event overview call, proposed local qualifiers will either be approved or wait listed. If approved, the following will ensue:

  • Operators will be required to complete the USA Basketball Local Qualifier Application, where they will provide final event details.
  • Operators will also be required to pay a placeholder fee of $2,500 per approved division. The invoice will be paid online. Operators will be refunded half of the placeholder fee ($1,250) after the qualified team competes in a 3X Regional.

Step 5: Once the operator has completed the Local Qualifier Application and paid the invoice, the event is formally recognized as a local qualifier and is placed on the USA Basketball website.

Step 6: Leading up to and during the event, operators must be sure to comply with all FIBA Event Maker requirements, as well as USA Basketball and FIBA gameplay requirements.

Step 7: Within 48 hours of the event’s conclusion, operators are required to enter all results into the FIBA Event Maker and validate the event. The Red Bull USA Basketball 3X Regionals bid is contingent on FIBA validating the event, free of any downgrades. If the event is not properly validated or if it is downgraded for any reason, the event is at risk of losing its status as a local qualifier (including the placeholder fee) and therefore will not be eligible to qualify a team to a 3X Regional.

To avoid the potential issues listed above, operators should ensure:

  • All participating players have confirmed 3x3 player profiles
  • Each team has at least three confirmed player profiles connected to the team profile
  • Players are only connected to one team within the event
  • Results are entered for each game
  • Results are properly entered with the score, not W and L (to notate Win and Loss)

Step 8: Once the validation process is complete, USA Basketball will contact the operator and request the following information:

  • Written event recap
  • Qualified team(s) contact information

For any questions related to the above process or FIBA’s event validation process, please email

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