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Creating a 3x3 Tournament On Event Maker
3x3 Basketball

Creating a 3x3 Tournament On Event Maker

This tutorial will guide you through the creation of an official FIBA 3x3 tournament on and how to validate your event once concluded.  Note – Event operators must first create a 3x3 planet profile, click here if you do not already have a profile.


STEP 1: Log into your account on the FIBA 3x3 EventMaker website. Your 3x3 Event Maker dashboard includes all past and current events and the option to create a new event.

STEP 2: Click the green “Create event” button at the top of the page.

STEP 3: Enter in the basic information for the event and check “I accept the endorsement terms”.

STEP 4: The event will appear on your dashboard.  Click on “Edit” to open up the event details and input information for the Overview, Categories, Courts, Teams and Scheduling tabs prior to event start.

  • Overview
    • Basic information of the event which can be updated any time before the event is made official.
  • Categories
    • Divisions of competition your event will offer – U18 Women’s, U18 Men’s, Open Women’s and Open Men’s.
    • To add a division of competition, click ‘Create category’.
      • Enter in the division of competition basic information.
      • Add optional registration and payment information. 
  • Courts
    • Number of half courts you will use for your tournament.
      • Click “Create court” and enter in the basic information for each court used.
  • Teams
    • Register teams to the event and add players to their respective teams.
      • Click the “Register team” button and enter all valid information.
      • At the bottom of this page you can add players to the team.  Search for players based on their name or email, nationality and gender.  IMPORTANT – Selected player profiles must match up with the profile the player confirmed when he/she made their 3x3 player profile account or else player will not be correctly linked to the team.
      • The results of the search are found just below the search bar, select the correct player profile by clicking on the name. Add all players (maximum of 4) to the team and select the “Register team” button.
      • Team and player information can be updated at any time prior to the event becoming official.
  • Scheduling
    • Identify pools, schedule games and record results.
      • Click ‘Edit schedules’ to view the three main sections: Set-up, Games and Seeding.
      • Set-up section – outline the tournament structure using the following details:
        • Competition format, number of teams, number of pools, etc.
        • Click “Apply” at the bottom of this section.
      • Games section – schedule all games within the tournament.
        • Drag and drop the matchup in the desired time slot and on the desired court.
        • All matchups will be labeled on the left panel within this section.
      • Seeding section – Place teams into pools and bracket.
        • Drag and drop the team in the desired pool or bracket slot.
        • Teams will be labeled on the left panel of this section.
    • Once all above sections are complete, click the “Save” button at the top of the page.

    STEP 5: Once the event has concluded, enter in the results of the games on the Results tab of the 3x3 Event Maker website for your tournament.

    • Results
      • Record the results of the games.
        • Click the “Edit” button. DO NOT click “Setup Event Scoring Code” or “Scores”.
        • Once redirected to the “Edit results” page, you can filter games based on category, court and team. To enter results, find the specific game and use the drop down box to enter the scores for each team in the respective game.
        • After all available scores have been entered, click “Save results & update games”. The page will update with all subsequent games. Repeat this step until all scores have been entered and click “Save results” at the bottom of the page.

    STEP 6: Validate your tournament with FIBA 3x3.  First review each event details tab to confirm all information is correct.

    STEP 7: After reviewing all tabs, go to the “Results” tab and click “Make the event official”. You will be presented with a report of players, teams and categories from the event.  Confirm that all players, teams and categories have a green check mark next to them. If any of these fields have a red x, please go back to that tab to correct the information.

    STEP 8: The event will be sent to FIBA 3x3 and will be made official within 24 hours. Once the event is made official all player profiles will be updated with their points earned.

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Joe Lewandowski


Ronald Fairrow III, David Payne, Mark Shehady and Juwan Willis will represent the USA at the FIBA Men’s 3x3 U23 World Cup Oct. 2-6 in Lanzhou, China.

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