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Crush (Rafel Davis)

USA Basketball Notes

  • Named on May 4, 2021, to the 2021 USA E-National Team that will compete in the FIBA Esports Open III North and Central America Conference Next Gen championship. 
  • Will compete at the FEO III as RandyOrtonGOAT.
  • Member of the inaugural USA Basketball E-National Team and helped the USA claim the 2020 FIBA Esports Open II North and Central America Conference championship.

7 Questions with USA Basketball

What is Your Signature Move?

I don't really have a signature move, but I do have a signature play -- everyone knows that I like to slash to the rim (off-ball) from different angles on the court while the offense is in motion.

Do you pattern your game after any NBA or WNBA players?

I actually pattern my game after Kawhi Leonard -- mainly studying how he gives the opposing teams problems on the defensive end of the court, while also being able to knock down jump shots consistently. 

What was the first game you ever remember playing?

The first game I remember playing was Def Jam Fight for NY on GameCube. 

Do you play any additional esports competitively?

No, I do not play any other sports games competitively.

When or why did you begin playing esports?

I started playing eSports because growing up as a kid I always had a drive to compete at the highest level, no matter what I participated in. Basketball was my No. 1 sport -- and when I wasn't playing basketball, I was at home on the game playing NBA 2K or Call of Duty. After some time, I realized that I didn't want to pursue a basketball career and that's when I kind of recognized that I had enough skill and everything after that to become a professional gamer. 

What’s the origin of your gamertag?

My gaming name originated from when I used to compete in Call of Duty tournaments. I used to "crush" my opponents, so my friend gave me that name and I stuck with it from that moment. Also, my friend's name was "Crash," so he probably tried to match his name with the one he started calling me.

Are there any gamers who inspire you?

One gamer that inspires me in NICKMERCS because of how much his brand has grown over the years. He's a prime example of grinding out the gaming industry until you have one of the biggest fan bases in the world.


Crush’s Top Five Everyday Essentials

  1. Brush. As you can see, I have waves. So, in order for me to maintain my waves, I always keep my brush with me in my bag or in my sweater, just to have it at hand, just in case I need to brush. So, this is one of my favorite items from my daily essentials.
  2. Handbag. My Supreme handbag. I use this as a hand pocket, but it’s around my shoulder. I put it around my shoulder like this and basically all my daily essentials go in here. So, this is important as well.
  3. Air Pods. My third essential item is my Air Pods. I listen to a lot of music, almost every day. More than half of my day is listening to music, before I play a video game, before I have a big important game in relation to 2K. I have my air pods always on standby. I listen to a lot of things. I listen to rap, R&B. I listen to R&B before I play because my body needs to be calm before I play, it’s just how I work as an individual.
  4. Head tie. All the wavers out there, if you have a brush, you have to have a head tie as well to keep the waves laid down. When you’re going out with your girlfriend, your family, friends, et cetera, when you take your do-rag or your head tie off, your waves are suspended. This is very important to the wave process.
  5. Burberry cologne. Last, but not least, this is very important. This is Burberry cologne. You always gotta smell good. I’m a ladies’ type of guy so when I’m around ladies I like to smell good and this always gets me right. Every time I’m around someone I’m like, ‘what’s that smell?’ So, cologne. It’s very, very important. If you do not wear cologne, then I advise you to get some Burberry or another cologne to make you smell good.

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