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USA Men's U18 National Team

All-Time FIBA Americas U18 Championship Final Standings

June 6-12, 2022  Tijuana, Mexico 1st-USA; 2nd-Brazil; 3rd-Canada; 4th-Argentina; 5th-Puerto Rico; 6th-Mexico; 7th-Dominican Republic; 8th-Ecuador.
June 10-16, 2018 St. Catharines, Canada
1st-USA; 2nd-Canada; 3rd-Argentina; 4th-Puerto Rico; 5th-Chile; 6th-Dominican Republic; 7th-Panama; 8th-Ecuador.
July 19-23, 2016 Valdivia, Chile
1st-USA; 2nd-Canada; 3rd-Brazil; 4th-Puerto Rico; 5th-Argentina; 6th-Chile; 7th-U.S. Virgin Islands; 8th-Dominican Republic.
June 20-24, 2014 Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 1st-USA; 2nd-Canada; 3rd-Dominican Republic; 4th-Argentina; 5th-Puerto Rico; 6th-Brazil; 7th-Mexico; 8th-Uruguay.
June 6-20, 2012 Sao Sebastiáo do Paraiso, Brazil 
1st-USA; 2nd-Brazil; 3rd-Canada; 4th-Argentina; 5th-Mexico; 6th-Puerto Rico; 7th-U.S. Virgin Islands; 8th-Colombia.
June 26-30, 2010 San Antonio, Texas, USA 1st-USA; 2nd-Brazil; 3rd-Canada; 4th-Argentina; 5th-Uruguay; 6th-Puerto Rico; 7th-U.S. Virgin Islands; 8th-Mexico.
July 14-18, 2008 Formosa, Argentina 1st-Argentina; 2nd-USA; 3rd-Canada; 4th-Puerto Rico; 5th-Venezuela; 6th-Uruguay; 7th-Mexico; 8th-Bahamas.
June 28 - July 2, 2006 San Antonio, Texas, USA 1st-USA; 2nd-Argentina; 3rd-Brazil; 4th-Canada; 5th-Puerto Rico; 6th-Uruguay; 7th-Bahamas.
July 24-28, 2002 Isla de Margarita, Venezuela 1st-Puerto Rico; 2nd-Venezuela; 3rd-USA; 4th-Argentina; 5th-Dominican Republic; 6th-Brazil; 7th-Canada; 8th-Mexico.
July 5-11, 1998 Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
1st-USA; 2nd-Argentina; 3rd-Brazil; 4th-Venezuela; 5th-Dominican Republic; 6th-Canada; 7th-Cuba; 8th-Mexico.
Aug. 26 - Sept. 4, 1994 Santa Rosa, Argentina  1st-USA; 2nd-Argentina; 3rd-Puerto Rico; 4th-Venezuela; 5th-Brazil; 6th-Dominican Republic; 7th-Canada; 8th-Panama; 9th-Mexico and Uruguay (tie).
July 14-22, 1990 Montevideo, Uruguay 1st-USA; 2nd-Argentina; 3rd-Brazil; 4th-Uruguay; 5th-Puerto Rico; 6th-Cuba; 7th-Panama; 8th-Venezuela; 9th-Canada; 10th-Costa Rica.

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