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USA Men's World University Games Team

All-Time World University Games Standings

July 7-16, 2013 Kazan, Russia 1st-Russia; 2nd-Australia; 3rd-Serbia; 4th-Canada; 5th-Lithuania; 6th-Romania; 7th-Estonia; 8th-Brazil; 9th-USA; 10th-Finland; 11th-Mexico; 12th-Germany; 13th-Norway; 14th-South Korea; 15th-Czech Republic; 16th-Mongolia; 17th-Sweden; 18th-Japan; 19th-Ukraine; 20th-United Arab Emirates; 21st-Chile; 22nd-China; 23rd-Oman; 24th-Philippines.
Aug. 13-21, 2011
Shenzhen, China 1st-Serbia; 2nd-Canada; 3rd-Lithuania; 4th-Russia; 5th-USA; 6th-Germany; 7th-Finland; 8th-Romania; 9th-Ukraine; 10th-Turkey; 11th-Czech Republic; 12th-Japan; 13th-Brazil; 14th-Israel; 15th-Australia; 16th-Mexico; 17th-South Korea; 18th-China; 19th-Hungary; 20th-United Arab Emirates; 21st-New Zealand; 22nd-Hong Kong; 23rd-Philippines.
July 2-11, 2009 Belgrade, Serbia 1st-Serbia; 2nd-Russia; 3rd-USA; 4th-Israel; 5th-Lithuania; 6th-Turkey; 7th-Bulgaria; 8th-Germany; 9th-Canada; 10th-Finland; 11th-Ukraine; 12th-Latvia; 13th-Romania; 14th-Greece; 15th-Italy; 16th-Portugal; 17th-Australia; 18th-Brazil; 19th-Japan; 20th-Mexico; 21st-Iran; 22nd-South Korea; 23rd-China; 24th-United Arab Emirates; 25th-South Africa.
Aug. 11-21, 2005 Izmir, Turkey 1st-USA; 2nd-Ukraine; 3rd-Serbia & Montenegro; 4th-Russia; 5th-Germany; 6th-Turkey; 7th-Australia; 8th-Canada; 9th-Italy; 10th-Lithuania; 11th-Greece; 12th-Finland; 13th-Czech Republic; 14th-China; 15th-South Korea; 16th-Japan; 17th-Slovakia; 18th-Iran; 19th-Portugal; 20th-Angola; 21st-Great Britain; 22nd-Brazil; 23rd-Mexico; 24th-Estonia; 25th-South Africa; 26th-Cyprus; 27th-Lebanon; 28th-Peru; 29th-United Arab Emirates; 30th-Haiti.
Aug. 22-31, 2001 Beijing, China 1st-Yugoslavia; 2nd-China; 3rd-USA; 4th-Germany; 5th-Lithuania; 6th-Canada; 7th-Sweden; 8th-Brazil; 9th-Russia; 10th-Czech Republic; 11th-Greece; 12th-Great Britain; 13th-Ukraine; 14th-Japan; 15th-South Korea; 16th-Turkey; 17th-U.S. Virgin Islands; 18th-Bulgaria; 19th-Mexico; 20th-South Africa; 21st-Nigeria; 22nd-Peru; 23rd-Hong Kong; 24th-Lebanon; 25th-Angola; 26th-Iran.
July 3-12, 1999 Palma de Mallorca, Spain 1st-USA; 2nd-Yugoslavia; 3rd-Spain; 4th-Mexico; 5th-Canada; 6th-Russia; 7th-Lithuania; 8th-Brazil; 9th-Greece; 10th-Turkey; 11th-Netherlands; 12th-Great Britain; 13th-Czech Republic; 14th-Finland; 15th-Bulgaria; 16th-Japan; 17th-South Korea; 18th-Peru; 19th-South Africa; 20th-Ireland; 21st-China; 22nd-Nigeria; 23rd-Hong Kong.
Aug. 22-30, 1997 Trapani, Sicily, Italy 1st-USA; 2nd-Canada; 3rd-Brazil; 4th-Italy; 5th-South Korea; 6th-Great Britain; 7th-Mexico; 8th-Nigeria; 9th-Lithuania; 10th-Czech Republic; 11th-Finland; 12th-Japan; 13th-China; 14th-Russia; 15th-Hong Kong; 16th-South Africa.
Aug. 24 - Sept. 2, 1995 Fukuoka, Japan 1st-USA; 2nd-Japan; 3rd-Canada; 4th-Czech Republic; 5th-Lithuania; 6th-Great Britain; 7th-Croatia; 8th-Ireland; 9th-South Korea; 10th-Mexico; 11th-Russia; 12th-China; 13th-Brazil; 14th-Unite Arab Emirates; 15th-Hong Kong; 16th-Republic of South Africa; 17th-Finland.
July 8-7, 1993 Buffalo, New York 1st-USA; 2nd-Canada; 3rd-China; 4th-Italy; 5th-Czech Republic; 6th-Israel; 7th-Croatia; 8th-Ireland; 9th-Great Britain; 10th-Estonia; 11th-Sweden; 12th-Greece; 13th-South Korea; 14th-Turkey; 15th-Switzerland; 16th-Hong Kong; 17th-Finland; 18th-Latvia; 19th-Japan; 20th-Lebanon; 21st-Gabon; 22nd-Morocco.
July 15-24, 1991 Sheffield, England 1st-USA; 2nd-Canada; 3rd-Soviet Union; 4th-Israel; 5th-Turkey; 6th-Czechoslovakia; 7th-Spain; 8th-Mexico; 9th-Great Britain; 10th-Ireland; 11th-South Korea; 12th-Japan; 13th-Sweden; 14th-Hungary; 15th-Finland; 16th-Nigeria; 17th-Hong Kong.
Aug. 22-30, 1989 Duisburg, West Germany 1st-USA; 2nd-Soviet Union; 3rd-Federal Republic of Germany; 4th-Canada; 5th-Israel; 6th-Yugoslavia; 7th-Cuba; 8th-Brazil; 9th-Turkey; 10th-Finland; 11th-Mexico; 12th-Great Britain; 13th-China; 14th-Poland; 15th-Greece; 16th-Japan.
July 6-31, 1987 Zagreb, Yugoslavia 1st-Yugoslavia; 2nd-USA; 3rd-Spain; 4th-Cuba; 5th-Bulgaria; 6th-Soviet Union; 7th-Canada; 8th-Czechoslovakia; 9th-Brazil; 10th-China; 11th-Israel; 12th-Finland; 13th-Great Britain; 14th-Belgium; 15th-South Korea; 16th-Greece; 17th-Turkey; 18th-Mexico; 19th-Federal Republic of Germany; 20th-France; 21st-Japan; 22nd-Tunisia; 23rd-Colombia; 24th-Egypt; 25th-Austria; 26th-Hong Kong; 27th-Sudan; 28th-Liberia; 29th-Kuwait.
July 24 - Aug. 4, 1985 Kobe, Japan 1st-Soviet Union; 2nd-USA; 3rd-Canada; 4th-Bulgaria; 5th-Yugoslavia; 6th-Japan; 7th-Finland; 8th-Egypt; 9th-Belgium; 10th-South Korea; 11th-People's Republic of Korea; 12th-Australia; 13th-Kuwait; 14th-China; 15th-Jordan; 16th-United Arab Republic.
July 1-11, 1983 Edmonton, Canada 1st-Canada; 2nd-Yugoslavia; 3rd-USA; 4th-Cuba; 5th-China; 6th-Israel; 7th-Ivory Coast; 8th-Australia; 9th-Finland; 10th-Great Britain; 11th-Senegal; 12th-Angola; 13th-South Korea; 14th-Mexico; 15th-Egypt; 16th-Lebanon.
July 15-29, 1981 Bucharest, Romania 1st-USA; 2nd-Soviet Union; 3rd-Yugoslavia; 4th-Romania; 5th-Canada; 6th-Cuba; 7th-Mexico; 8th-Brazil; 9th-Finland; 10th-South Korea; 11th-Turkey; 12th-China; 13th-Poland; 14th-Great Britain; 15th-Ivory Coast; 16th-Japan; 17th-Netherlands; 18th-Greece; 19th-Egypt; 20th-Belgium; 21st-Congo; 22nd-Liberia; 23rd-Somalia; 24th-Senegal; 25th-Nigeria; 26th-Iraq; 27th-Lebanon; 28th-Jordan; 29th-Sudan.
Sept. 2-13, 1979 Mexico City, Mexico 1st-USA; 2nd-Yugoslavia; 3rd-Cuba; 4th-Mexico; 5th-Canada; 6th-Belgium; 7th-Federal Republic of Germany; 8th-Belgium; 9th-Brazil; 10th-Israel; 11th-Japan; 12th-Panama; 13th-Finland; 14th-Congo; 15th-Liberia; 16th-Jordan.
Aug. 17-31, 1977 Sofia, Bulgaria 1st-USA; 2nd-Soviet Union; 3rd-Czechoslovakia; 4th-Canada; 5th-Cuba; 6th-Spain; 7th-Brazil; 8th-Bulgaria; 9th-Mexico; 10th-Poland; 11th-Yugoslavia; 12th-Hungary; 13th-Italy; 14th-Netherlands; 15th-Federal Republic of Germany; 16th-France; 17th-Turkey; 18th-Israel; 19th-Greece; 20th-Senegal; 21st-Japan; 22nd-Belgium; 23rd-Congo; 24th-Great Britain; 25th-Egypt; 26th-Zambia; 27th-Sudan; 28th-Denmark; 29th-Iraq; 30th-Syria.
Aug. 16-24, 1973 Moscow, Soviet Union 1st-USA; 2nd-Soviet Union; 3rd-Brazil; 4th-Canada; 5th-Bulgaria; 6th-Cuba; 7th-Yugoslavia; 8th-Czechoslovakia; 9th-Israel; 10th-Japan; 11th-Federal Republic of Germany; 12th-Puerto Rico; 13th-Great Britain; 14th-Mexico; 15th-France; 16th-Denmark; 17th-Netherlands; 18th-Belgium; 19th-Finland; 20th-Sweden; 21st-Poland; 22nd-Greece; 23rd-Portugal; 24th-Syria; 25th-Iran; 26th-Peru; 27th-Liberia; 28th-Sudan.
Aug. 25 - Sept. 7, 1970 Turin, Italy 1st-Soviet Union; 2nd-USA; 3rd-Cuba; 4th-Yugoslavia; 5th-Italy; 6th-Bulgaria; 7th-Brazil; 8th-South Korea; 9th-Czechoslovakia; 10th-Poland; 11th-Canada; 12th-Hungary; 13th-Federal Republic of Germany; 14th-Romania; 15th-Turkey; 16th-France; 17th-Greece; 18th-Japan; 19th-Netherlands; 20th-Israel; 21st-Portugal; 22nd-Panama; 23rd-Iran; 24th-Albania; 25th-Senegal; 26th-Sudan; 27th-Luxembourg.
Aug. 28 - Sept. 3, 1967 Tokyo, Japan 1st-USA; 2nd-South Korea; 3rd-Brazil; 4th-Japan; 5th-Philippines; 6th-Belgium; 7th-Thailand; 8th-Hong Kong.
Aug. 20-29, 1965 Budapest, Hungary 1st-USA; 2nd-Soviet Union; 3rd-Hungary (Note: complete final standings are unavailable).

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