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Viewing: Rebounding, Foundational

Level: Foundational | Skill: Rebounding

Level: Foundational | Skill: Rebounding

The defense hasn't finished its job until the rebound is secured. Here are some of the fundamentals that will make you a better rebounder on the defensive side of the ball.

When you are working on rebounding, remember these three things: check, arc and pursue. This Better Basketball video explains.

  • Author:
    Jeff Haefner
  • Date:
    Feb 25, 2015

Do you want more playing time? Want to help your team win more games? Basketball coaches love players that can rebound. So anything you can do to improve your rebounding will get you more playing time and help your team win games. Here are five simple and effective tips to improve your rebounding....

  • Date:
    Dec 5, 2014

One of the keys to great rebounding is being able to properly box out the opponent, putting yourself in better position to get the ball.

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