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Is Gamesmanship More Important Than Sportsmanship?

  • Date:
    Jan 22, 2015

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for sportsmanship.

USA Today reported last week that a girls high school basketball coach was suspended two games after his team, Arroyo Valley High School (San Bernadino, Calif.), beat the Bloomington, Calif., high school team 161-2. According to the article, the Arroyo coach applied a full-court press for the entire first half and at half led 104-1.

On USA Basketball’s Facebook page, we asked fans if suspending the coach was the right thing to do. Interestingly, results were fairly mixed. While many of the 247 comments supported the suspension and thought it was wrong for Arroyo Valley to humiliate its opponent, others pointed out that it’s competition and a team should never have to stop trying.

This week, sportsmanship is a hot topic in the NFL thanks to the “Deflate-gate” controversy following the New England Patriots’ victory over the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship Game. Did the Patriots intentionally break the rules in using footballs that were slightly deflated? The NFL has yet to rule on it, but the story has stirred up much conversation about what is and isn’t fair in the name of winning. Many call it “gamesmanship.”

High school and other amateur competition is one thing, but when you reach the professional level, is it okay to do whatever it takes to win?

Is gamesmanship more important than sportsmanship?

Let us know what you think. Add your comments in the space below, and vote in our poll on the right side of this page.





Win At All Costs?

When it comes to professional sports, is the goal of winning more important than sportsmanship and fair play?

When it comes to professional sports, is the goal of winning more important than sportsmanship and fair play?


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