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2015 Nike Hoop Summit Quotes

  • Date:
    Apr 11, 2015

USA HEAD COACH ERIC FLANNERY (St. Edward High School, Ohio)

Opening Statement:

“First of all, a great game. Whenever a game, no matter what level, comes down to the last possession, it shows both teams competing and how much they wanted to win. What I was really, really impressed with with our guys, one, we got down early and didn’t blink and got ourselves back in the game, and two, even late with under a minute, I Think there was 36 seconds left in the game and we were down two possessions and didn’t have the ball and our guys still came to the bench believing that we were going to win the game. To have the ball in our hands with a chance to tie or win, it says a lot about their effort and their attitude throughout the course of the game. So I’m just very proud of our guys and our team. I thought both teams showed why they’re the best players in the world, because they executed throughout the course of the game tonight and both teams hit some big time shots whether around the basket or knocking down threes. I was very impressed with the way both teams played.”

On World getting second chance opportunities:

“We knew their size was going to be the issue from the beginning. We even talked about it in practice, how even watching film and practicing and talking about it, you can’t simulate that in practice. So the first couple of minutes, I think were a little bit taken back by their length. I think they got 13 offensive rebounds in the first half, but only 3 or 4 in the second half. So we needed to speed the game up, we needed to make this a running match or up and down as best we could to try to isolate their size a little bit. I thought we really did a very good job of that throughout the course of the game. There were just some key moment, especially early where they had the game at their pace and that’s where they kind of took the lead. But their length was an issue, but if you look at our stats too, we ended up with 14 offensive rebounds. We started becoming the aggressors in the second half.”

On playing Ingram at the four in the second half:

“Believe it or not, we actually went to both him and Jaylen Brown at the four in the first half and then kind of stuck with that in the second half. Our advantage was to try to make this a fast paced game. Size didn’t really seem to matter at that point. If we had one of our bigs in, it was still not big enough so we wanted to be able to stretch them out one offensively, and two just speed them up defensively. So that was kind of our strategy throughout most of the second half.”

On Murray’s performance for the World team:

“Last year he played in this game and I think that experience goes a long way. He just seemed to be in control from the beginning. We were blitzing the ball screen as often as we could after the first quarter, meaning that we were double teaming and trying to get the ball out of his hands as much as we could, but he was very strong with the ball and kept attacking the rim. He was without question the difference probably for four quarters tonight and the game.”

LUKE KENNARD (Franklin High School, Ohio)

Opening Statement:

“The effort was pretty tremendous for both teams, credit to the world team. They have some great guys. It was a battle to the end. We were down 14, we never really got discouraged, we were still all in. We fell at the end but we gave some good effort today.”

Did any World players impress you that you didn’t know about?

“We watched some film on them, had a scouting report on each guy and we tried to take away their strengths as much as we could, but yeah, they’re there for a reason. They’re some great players.”

JALEN BRUNSON (Adlai Stevenson High School, Illinois)

Opening Statement:

“First of all, we lost to a very good world team. They were really skilled, really long, but I couldn’t be more proud of our effort. On the defensive end, guys not giving up. I’m just really honored to have this opportunity.

Did any World players impress you that you didn’t know about?

“Not really, we all knew they were good. They’re here for a reason. Like coach said, we watched a lot of film of these guys and they’re good. Credit to them for working on their game and getting here and playing well.”


Opening Statement:

“It’s been a phenomenal group, real character kids, a lot of fun to coach, willing to make sacrifices for each other, and that’s not easy to do when you have kids as touted as they are come together in a week as quickly as they did from all over the world and play as a team, which they did today. It’s a testament to their character and it’s one of the reasons why we love doing this event because you get to see young people blossom in a very short period of time and go on to have incredible futures.”

“It was exciting, obviously it was very satisfying to win, always, it’s never easy to lose, and I’m just happy we were able to pull out the win tonight.”


BEN SIMMONS (Australia)

Opening Statement:

“I’m just happy I’m here, happy we got the win. It’s always hard playing with a new team, and playing with guys that don’t even speak English, but I’ve enjoyed this event and so far I think the team played well, USA played well, but I think the chemistry on our side and we just wanted to win, that was the main thing.”


Opening Statement:

“I had fun, it was a great experience with these guys. Met a lot of new faces, met a lot of new styles. Being here last here and not getting the win, this is what I wanted to come here to do and accomplish, and I think coach did a good job during the week of handling us and creating a good system for the team.”

On his experience in last year’s game and how it helped him this year:

“Well I kind of knew what it was already about and kind of knew how the USA was going to play, they were going to play very aggressive and they did. But just coming out here and play our game and stick to the script and just don’t try to do too much and just help the team make the right plays.”

On whether or not he will reclassify from the 2016 recruiting cycle and join the 2015 cycle:

“Reclassifying is still an option. I haven’t put a lot of thought into it, I’ve been very busy. Just trying to find a time to sit down with my dad and my coaches and really discuss it.”

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