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Getting To Know The 2016 USA Women's U17 World Championship Trials Hopefuls

  • Author:
    Ryan Stevens
  • Date:
    May 26, 2016

With 143 athletes from 33 states converging on Colorado Springs, Colorado, for the 2016 USA Basketball Women’s U17 World Championship Team Trials, sought out a few of the hopefuls to learn a little something about them.

Participating in the informal survey were Isabella Baugh (Pella Christian H.S./Pella, Iowa), Diamond Bragg (Camp Hill H.S./Camp Hill, Pa.), Camree’ Clegg (Wayne Memorial H.S./Westland, Mich.), Kiara Edwards (Valley Vista H.S./Surprise, Ariz.), Morgan McMillen (Hiland H.S./New Philadelphia, Ohio), Danielle Patterson (Mary Louis Academy/Brooklyn, N.Y.), Anaya Peoples (Schlarman Academy/Danville, Ill.) and Savannah Simmons (The John Carroll School/Bel Air, Md.).

Edwards and Patterson are the only two from the 2017 class; Bragg, Clegg, McMillen and Simmons are from the 2018 class, plus Baugh and Peoples represent the 2019 class.

Bragg currently holds a scholarship offer from Lafayette College at the Division I level and Clegg is regarded as one of the most improved point guard prospects in the state of Michigan for the ’18 class.

Patterson is ranked as the 11th overall prospect in her recruiting class, according to She gives an update on her recruiting process below.

Peoples has already received scholarship offers from Illinois, Iowa, Michigan State and Purdue, among others.

Find out what they had to say, including their predictions for the upcoming 2016 NBA Finals, foods they swear are totally repulsive and much more:

Q: If you’re starting a WNBA team, what player would you want to build your team around?

Baugh: “I would probably pick Brittney Griner, because she’s always been someone I’ve wanted to build my game around as a post player.”

Bragg: “No doubt it has to be Maya Moore, because of her athleticism, her knowledge of the game, and she is one of the best all-around players I’ve ever seen.”

Edwards: “Diana Taurasi because she assists her post players. She tries to create shot opportunities for them.”

McMillen: “I would start with Breanna Stewart, because I followed her UConn career as much as possible.”

Patterson: “I would take Candace Parker, because she’s been who I’ve idolized since I was younger.”

Q: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

Baugh: “I have eight adopted siblings.”

Clegg: “I collect all sorts of socks.”

Peoples: “I love to read action, fiction novels.”

Simmons: “From a basketball perspective, I think some people take me for granted in terms of scoring, because I’m mostly a pass-first point guard.”

Q: Is there a food item that you won’t eat?

Bragg: “Broccoli salad, because I got sick in elementary school from it, and I can’t eat it ever again.”

Clegg: “Brussels sprouts, because they are disgusting.”

Edwards: “Yams, because they look gross and are nasty.”

McMillen: “Sushi, because I can’t get over the texture of it.”

Peoples: “Sardines, because I hate fish.”

Q: What you looking forward to do the most during summer vacation, not including basketball?

Clegg: “My birthday is in the summer, and this summer I’m turning 16, so I’ll have my Sweet 16 party.”

Edwards: “I’m looking forward to spending time with my family, because I’m always on the run somewhere.”

Patterson: “I’m trying to narrow down my schools and take visits to my four finalists, which are Notre Dame, Virginia, Tennessee and St. John’s, so I can come back in November during the high school season and make a decision.”

Peoples: “The best part is being with my teammates in hotel rooms, because we have a ton of fun off the court.”

Simmons: “Sometimes it’s good to get a break, because I think it makes you want to perform better when you do get back in the gym.”

Q: Should basketball implement a 4-point line?

Baugh: “I was actually talking about that yesterday with my dad, and I think so, because if people are willing to shoot out there and can make it, then go ahead.”

Bragg: “I don’t think so, because the 3-point line is good enough, and it’s been like that for so long.”

Clegg: “Yes because it will impact the game, but it would be entertaining to see who could shoot from that far.”

Patterson: “I think it would add a different realm to the game, and I think it would be great to have one. But, to have a 3-point line and a 4-point line would be really cool.”

Simmons: “I think it should, because in crucial situations it can alter the game and be more helpful in adding another element to the game.”

Q: What team will win the 2016 NBA Finals?

Baugh: “Cleveland Cavaliers in five games over the Oklahoma City Thunder.”

Bragg: “Oklahoma City Thunder. They’ll beat whoever comes out of the Eastern Conference.”

McMillen: “I got to go with the Cavs over the Warriors in a sweep.”

Patterson: “I’m a Cleveland Cavaliers fan, so I hope they win. I think it will be Cavs-Warriors in the finals.”

Simmons: “I’m a Golden State Warriors fan and a big Steph Curry fan, and I think they’re going to come back and beat the Thunder in the Western Conference finals. I want them to play the Raptors, but I think the Cavs will be in the Finals.”

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