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7 Quick Qs No. 1: What is the Origin of your Gamertag?

  • Date:
    Nov 7, 2020

USA Basketball reached out to the gamers participating in this weekend’s USA E-National Team trials to find out a little bit about what makes them tick, the origin of their nickname, their go-to move, and other tidbits. We asked for answers to seven quick questions and got back a myriad of responses.

Question No. 1 asked for the origin of their gamertag.

ABPureblood: My gaming name actually comes from a nickname that I developed in college from my basketball teammates. Everyone had a name for short, or a nickname. So, since my first name (Amber) had two syllables, AB stuck and I rolled with it. I'm a shooter and they always said my shot was pure and it was blood every time I put it up that it was going in. So, I had ABPureblood. I needed one last thing. My favorite number had always been 20 ever since I played ball when I was little all the way to college. Hence, ABPureblood20✅

ALittleLady87: I wanted people to know exactly who they were up against.

CB13: My Gamertag is based on my initials (CB) and my favorite number (13).

Crush: My gaming name originated from when I used to compete in Call of Duty tournaments. I used to "crush" my opponents, so my friend gave me that name and I stuck with it from that moment. Also, my friend's name was "Crash," so he probably tried to match his name with the one he started calling me.

Dayfri: I never had a gaming console growing up so during my freshman year of college on black Friday I went to the store and bought a PS4. I couldn't decide what to make my gamertag. I thought it was fitting since I bought my PS4 on a Friday I just switched fri and day and made Dayfri.

Dimez: My name “Dimez” originated from my love of basketball, honestly. I played a lot of ball growing up and I’ve always been a great passer. I just enjoyed throwing a fancy pass to one of my teammates and having others say, “OH MY GOD, that was a DIME!” So I just stuck with the name and the cool thing about my name is the announcers actually call me “Dimez” in the game! So that’s another great asset.

DJLayy: My family calls me Layyy and I also DJ so my gaming name is DjLayyy.

FEAST: My gamertag originated from my Call of Duty playing days. I wanted to come up with a cool name, and I created iFeast. I brought back the gamertag 2 years ago and removed the “i” so now it’s FEAST.

Gradient: My gamer tag was just a short, simple one-word name that I liked and it seemed to catch on quick, so I rolled with it.

IcyGrl: I first used this name in Runescape Favorite Element and I am a girl.

iKilledZiah: My gaming name originated from me always thriving to do and get better. The better I get, I see it as a new version of myself. Im not the same player I was yesterday, a month ago, and definitely not a year ago. I see it as me killing the old versions of myself.

KennyGotWork: I've always wanted to somehow put my name in my gamertag, I just followed Kenny with 'Got Work' which has multiple meanings to it. Something I came up with and now it’s kind of a movement.

Originalmalik: My Gaming name “Originalmalik” started when I was about 12. Growing up I was always different from other kids. I usually set trends with my clothes or just how I acted. So, that’s where the “original” came from. Malik is my first name

Radiant: Nothing special about how I picked my name. I remember sitting there all day thinking about it and somehow landed on Radiant.

ZaeBucks:  My name is Zaeya but I always went by Zae when I played basketball and I have been a Milwaukee Bucks fan since the Glenn Robinson and Sam Cassell days. So, I go by ZaeBucks.

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  • Author:
    Peter Kropf, Red Line Editorial
  • Date:
    Oct 10, 2022

NYC Blue defeated reigning 3X Nationals champion 3Ball Omaha for the 2022 Red Bull USA Basketball 3X East Regional title.

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