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meet the gamers 2

7 Quick Qs No. 2: When or why did you start playing esports?

  • Date:
    Nov 7, 2020

USA Basketball reached out to the gamers participating in this weekend’s USA E-National Team trials to find out a little bit about what makes them tick, the origin of their nickname, their go-to move, and other tidbits. We asked for answers to seven quick questions and got back a myriad of responses.

  • Question No. 1: What is the origin of your gamertag?
  • Question No. 2 (below): When or why did you begin playing esports?

ABPureblood: I began picking up the game when I was a kid. It was just me and my brother and he always begged me to play, mainly 2K. I was just like, if I just get a feel for the game and do enough to win, he'll leave me alone. It worked (LOL). I kind of got away from it when I got older. Mainly because I was so busy actually playing throughout school, along with other sports (volleyball and softball). I picked the sticks back up when I got to college and met a guy who loved video games too. We stayed close beyond college, and some of y’all know him by iLike2-CHA-CHA. He's my lifelong friend. We've known each other for almost a decade (we met in 2011). We decided to really make something out of 2K and start streaming and the whole shebang. It's been a wild ride and I can't thank him enough for getting me back into gaming and helping me become the player that I am today.

ALittleLady87: When I found out about the leagues and 5v5 tournaments back in 2K16.

CB13: I began playing esports in 2019 after graduating high school because I stopped playing basketball and realized I can make it by playing virtual basketball.

Crush: I started playing eSports because growing up as a kid I always had a drive to compete at the highest level, no matter what I participated in. Basketball was my No. 1 sport -- and when I wasn't playing basketball, I was at home on the game playing NBA 2K or Call of Duty. After some time, I realized that I didn't want to pursue a basketball career and that's when I kind of recognized that I had enough skill and everything after that to become a professional gamer. 

Dayfri: I started playing video games seriously in 2017. The reason I started playing competitively was because of the 250K tournament 2K hosted in 2K16. In 2K17 they hosted another 250K tournament, so we qualified as the No. 1 seed. I love the dynamic of the 2K League because it's a team esport, just like regular sports.

Dimez: I began gaming back in 2008 (NBA 2K9). Long time LOL.

DJLayy: I played basketball in high school and I also played AAU. 

FEAST: I’ve been gaming since I was a kid. Through the years the games have ranged from arcade to shooters to sports games. I found gaming as a way to kill time and enjoy doing something I liked. 

Gradient: I began playing esports in 2017-18 when the NBA 2K announced its 250,000$ tournaments and then the 2K League got announced.

IcyGrl: In 2019 I had a chance to play against the best and compete at a high level and the chance to get paid to do what I love.

iKilledZiah: I’ve been competitive my entire life; I’ve always played sports and been heavily into gaming. I played sports at a high level, so it was only natural that I brought that spirit of play to 2K. 

KennyGotWork: Playing video games are my passion. I started in esports in 2017.

OriginalMalik: I started playing 2K competitively when I saw the $250,000 tournament in 2K17. It interested me and I began playing a little in 2K18. Going into 2K19 I lost one of my good friends to gun violence and I dedicated that summer to making the league for him wearing No. 11 (his football number).

Radiant: I’ve been in Esports ever since the 2K League started. Also, I have been playing 2K on a competitive level for about five years. 

Ramo: I’ve always loved playing basketball and video games growing up, and when the NBA 2k League presented itself it was a no-brainer for me

ZaeBucks: I've been playing 2K competitively since I was 14 or 15.

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