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meet the gamers 7

7 Quick Qs No. 7: What is Your Signature Move?

  • Date:
    Nov 8, 2020

USA Basketball reached out to the gamers participating in this weekend’s USA E-National Team trials to find out a little bit about what makes them tick, the origin of their nickname, their go-to move, and other tidbits. We asked for answers to seven quick questions and got back a myriad of responses.

ABPureblood: My signature move that I have been using for the last couple years is when I rotate the right stick in a circular motion so I do a spin move out of the triple threat, I do a step back as soon as he is coming out of the spin, and I’m usually open for a shot. Another move I have come to like and do when I need a bucket is I'm in triple threat, I flick the right stick up, then back to do a dribble step back, I almost always get enough space and I'm pulling, GREEEEN! 🗣🤣

ALittleLady87: Self alley-oops and the drop step.

CB13: I would say my signature move is my midrange game. I consider myself the best midrange and slashing guard in the world.

Crush: I don't really have a signature move, but I do have a signature play -- everyone knows that I like to slash to the rim (off-ball) from different angles on the court while the offense is in motion.

Dayfri: The post-spin dunk and the pass back.

Dimez: No signature move.

DJLayy: My signature move is catching lobs

FEAST: I really like doing something called a “blitz.” It’s a defensive term for when a player runs up to the person dribbling and blitzes that person mid-dribble. I got a good reputation from my defense throughout the years, so it’s only right to name a defensive term as my signature move.

Gradient: My signature move is the 360 dunk. Everyone wants to be like me with it

IcyGrl: the walk back off of a spin

iKilledZiah: While I don’t have a signature move; I enjoy trying to crab my defender and get the shot off. 

KennyGotWork: I do this "walk back" which I act like I'm attacking the paint, but I just stop on a dime and take the open jump shot.

OriginalMalik: My signature move is the “half spin,” which I do a lot to keep the defense guessing. It’s a move I can shoot out of or attack with.

Radiant: 2K changes a lot every year, but there’s one move I’ve been doing since like 2K17 and it’s called the “Curry.” It’s called that because in the older 2Ks, only he could do it. 

Ramo: The famous spin-o-rooney (LT + RT with the left stick pointing in direction I need to spin)

ZaeBucks: My signature move is a shimmy post fade. Kind of Kobe-like in the post. 

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