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Men's Teams

Nov 23, 2017 7:30 PM est
USA 85 vs. PUR 78
FIBA World Cup of Basketball for Men
2017-19 Americas World Cup Qualifier
Nov 26, 2017 5:00 PM est
USA 91 vs. MEX 55
FIBA World Cup of Basketball for Men
2017-19 Americas World Cup Qualifier

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Women's Teams

2017 USA Women's Teams Schedule
Aug 12, 2017 3:00 PM edt
USA 78 vs. AUS 60
USA Women's U23 National Team
2017 U24 Four Nations Tournament
Aug 13, 2017 3:00 PM edt
USA 107 vs. CAN 61
USA Women's U23 National Team
2017 U24 Four Nations Tournament
Aug 15, 2017 3:00 PM edt
USA 103 vs. JPN 71
USA Women's U23 National Team
2017 U24 Four Nations Tournament

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USA Women's U19 World Cup Team

FIBA U19 World Championship All-Time Standings

July 22-30, 2017 Cividale del Friuli and Udine, Italy 1st-Russia; 2nd-USA; 3rd-Canada; 4th-Japan; 5th-France; 6th-Australia; 7th-China; 8th-Spain; 9th-Hungary; 10th-Latvia; 11th-Italy; 12th-Mexico; 13th-Mali; 14th-Puerto Rico; 15th-South Korea; 16th-Egypt.
 July 18-26, 2015
Chekhov and Vidnoje, Russia
1st-USA; 2nd-Russia; 3rd-Australia; 4th-Spain; 5th-France; 6th-Belgium; 7th-China; 8th-Canada; 9th-Netherlands; 10th-Brazil; 11th-Serbia; 12th-Mali; 13th-South Korea; 14th-Taiwan; 15th-Argentina; 16th-Egypt.
July 18-28, 2013 Panevezys and Klaipeda, Lithuania 1st-USA; 2nd-France; 3rd-Australia; 4th-Spain; 5th-China; 6th-Brazil; 7th-Canada; 8th-Japan; 9th-Russia; 10th-Netherlands; 11th-Serbia; 12th-Lithuania; 13th-South Korea; 14th-Argentina; 15th-Mali; 16th-Senegal.
July 21-31, 2011 Puerto Montt, Chile 1st-USA; 2nd-Spain; 3rd-Brazil; 4th-Australia; 5th-Canada; 6th-France; 7th-Japan; 8th-Russia; 9th-China; 10th-Italy; 11th-Taiwan; 12th-Chile; 13th-Argentina; 14th-Slovenia; 15th-Egypt; 16th-Nigeria (Note: Nigeria was unable to make it to the tournament and forfeited its games.)
July 23- Aug. 2, 2009  Bangkok, Thailand 1st-USA; 2nd-Spain; 3rd-Argentina; 4th-Canada; 5th-Australia; 6th-Russia; 7th-Lithuania; 8th-France; 9th-Brazil; 10th-Czech Republic; 11th-China; 12th-Japan; 13th-South Korea; 14th-Mali; 15th-Tunisia; 16th-Thailand.
July 26-Aug. 5, 2007  Bratislava, Slovakia 1st-USA; 2nd-Sweden; 3rd-Serbia; 4th-Spain; 5th-Australia; 6th-Slovakia; 7th-Czech Republic; 8th-South Korea; 9th-Canada; 10th-Brazil; 11th-China; 12th-Lithuania; 13th-Japan; 14th-Argentina; 15th-Mali; 16th-Ivory Coast.
July 15-24, 2005 Tunis, Tunisia 1st-USA; 2nd-Serbia & Montenegro; 3rd-China; 4th-Russia; 5th-Spain; 6th-South Korea; 7th-Australia; 8th-Hungary; 9th-Canada; 10th-Puerto Rico; 11th-Congo; 12th-Tunisia.
July 14- 21, 2001 Brno, Czech Republic 1st-Czech Republic; 2nd-Russia; 3rd-USA; 4th-Australia; 5th-France; 6th-Cuba; 7th-Brazil; 8th-Lithuania; 9th-China; 10th-Poland; 11th-Japan; 12th-Mali.
July 5-13, 1997 Natal, Brazil 1st-USA; 2nd-Australia; 3rd-Slovakia; 4th-Brazil; 5th-Russia; 6th-Czech Republic; 7th-China; 8th-Spain; 9th-Argentina; 10th-Mali; 11th-Cuba; 12th-Japan.
Aug. 1-8, 1993 Seoul, South Korea 1st-Australia; 2nd-Russia; 3rd-Poland; 4th-South Korea; 5th-Brazil; 6th-France; 7th-USA; 8th-Japan; 9th-Bulgaria; 10th-Zaire; 11th-China; 12th-Taiwan. 
 July 23-30, 1989 Bilbao, Spain 1st-Soviet Union; 2nd-Yugoslavia; 3rd-Australia; 4th-Czechoslovakia; 5th-Spain; 6th-South Korea; 7th-USA; 8th-Brazil; 9th-China; 10th-Cuba; 11th-Bulgaria; 12th-Zaire.
Aug. 13-21, 1985 Colorado Springs, Colorado 1st-Soviet Union; 2nd-South Korea; 3rd-Yugoslavia; 4th-China; 5th-USA; 6th-Australia; 7th-Spain; 8th-Canada; 9th-Cuba; 10th-Senegal. 

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