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Organization Accreditation Frequently Asked Questions
USA Basketball

Organization Accreditation Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of insurance policy does an organization need to carry?

A. Organizations seeking accreditation are required to carry current general liability insurance with the following:

    1. The policy must list USA Basketball as an additionally insured party.

    2. The policy must have the primary name of the insured match the same name of the entity seeking accreditation.

    3. Coverage parameters must include proof of $1 million in general liability coverage and $25,000 for sport accident insurance coverage per occurrence.

Q. How do I add USA Basketball as an additional insured on my insurance policy?

A. To update your policy, you will need to contact your insurance broker.

Q. Does USA Basketball provide organization insurance?

A. USA Basketball does not offer organization insurance. The organization will have to provide its own insurance within the set guidelines.

Q. Can I purchase USA Basketball apparel?

A. USA Basketball merchandise can be purchased by visiting our online store at All available items are listed on the site.

Q. Are there any licensed coaches or accredited organizations in my area?

A. You can find licensed coaches and accredited organizations in your area by visiting our database locator.

Q. Are there any USA Basketball events in my area?

A. All USA Basketball events can be found on our event calendar. Please visit specific program pages under the “Youth Development” tab for the locations and dates of all programs.

Q. Am I able to use USA Basketball Youth Development logos on apparel (jerseys, shorts, etc.)?

A. Accredited organizations are not permitted to use the approved logos on any apparel. A full list of usage guidelines can be found on our accreditation marks and usage page.

Q. As an international organization, may I apply for USA Basketball Organization Accreditation?

A. At this time, USA Basketball does not offer accreditation to organizations outside of the United States. However, coaches of those organizations may register to become a GOLD licensed coach by visiting

Q. How can I get involved with USA Basketball?

A. There are a number of ways to get involved with USA Basketball through volunteer opportunities, hosting an open court program or hosting a 3x3 qualifier. Click here to find out how.

Q. How do I add a coach who is already registered or licensed to my list of associated coaches?

A. Please contact USA Basketball directly at 719-590-4800 or use our online support form.

Q. How do I know if my invited coaches have completed the license process?

A. Any coach that has accepted an invite to join your organization will appear by name on your coaches list on your organization dashboard. Once a coach completes the license process, their status next to their name will change to either “Gold coach licensed” or “Associate coach licensed”.

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