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USA Basketball Background Screen Appeal Procedure

USA Basketball Background Screen Appeal Procedure

USA Basketball Background Screen (“BGS”) Appeal Procedure Public Document

What if I do not pass the background screening?

If you do not pass the background screening, you will be notified by Verified Volunteers through the contact information you provided. You then have a few options. If you believe that the information in your background screen is not accurate, you will have the opportunity to dispute the validity of the information by contacting Verified Volunteers. If you want to appeal your denial to USA Basketball, you must email USA Basketball staff at Please put “Background Screen Appeal” in the subject line and include your full name, contact email and phone number, and your statement that you wish to appeal your denial.

If you dispute the accuracy of the information in your background screen with Verified Volunteers first and are still denied a coach license on the basis of your background screen, you may then contact the USA Basketball staff liaison at for an appeal.

The appeal process is described in more detail below.

How does the background screen appeal process work?

Once you have contacted the staff liaison, you will receive an email giving you 14 days to submit the following:

  1. Any documentation regarding the final disposition of the criminal matter(s) giving rise to the denial;
  2. Any documentation regarding the basis of your criminal charge(s);
  3. A statement from you with your explanation of the basis for the criminal charge(s) and why you do not pose a risk to the sport of basketball and its athletes;
  4. A telephone number at which you can be reached;
  5. A fee of $100 that may be refunded in the event of a successful appeal.

All materials requested must be postmarked or received within the designated 14-day timeframe. If you fail to submit the $100 fee after 14 days and one courtesy reminder, you have lost your chance to appeal. If you submit the $100 fee but fail to submit some or all of the other items even after a courtesy reminder, your appeal will still be processed. Please understand that failure to submit all items may decrease your chances of a successful appeal.

If USA Basketball determines that a technical error in your background screen caused a denial (for example, you submit verification that the background screen incorrectly attributed a criminal conviction to you because you have the same name as someone else), then you will be approved for your coach license should all other requirements be met. Such issues should be resolved with Verified Volunteers, but you may be appealed to USA Basketball if you are not able to resolve the issue with Verified Volunteers.

For all other appeal matters, the Background Screen Appeal Panel meets once per month. Once you submit the $100 fee, you will receive a hearing by telephone at the next available Panel meeting following adequate time for the Panel to review your case. The staff liaison will notify you by email of the date and time block for your hearing, at which time you will be contacted by the Panel at the phone number provided. The hearing will last approximately 15 minutes, but the Panel may extend or reduce that time as needed. If a change in date or time is necessary, you will receive an email notifying you of that change approximately 3 days prior to the scheduled hearing.

It is your obligation to be available during the appointed time. The Panel will still consider your appeal if you are unable to be reached, but this may reduce your chances of a successful appeal. Notify the staff liaison immediately if you are given a date and time for your hearing that you cannot attend.

What should I expect at my appeal hearing?

There will be three Panel members on the call to hear your appeal. One of those members is the Chairperson who will direct the hearing.

The Chair will swear you in, and then the Chair and the other two Panel members will ask you questions about the incident or incidents giving rise to your coach license denial. The Panel is interested in determining whether or not you pose a risk to the sport of basketball and/or its athletes.

Following the Panel’s questions, you will be given the opportunity to add anything that you would like the Panel to know and consider. Once the hearing is finished, the call will be finished and disconnected.

How will I know the outcome of my appeal?

You will receive an email from the staff liaison notifying you of the Panel’s decision whether or not to grant you a coach license. Typically this email will be sent within 7 days but may take longer depending on a variety of factors. The Panel’s decision is final and binding.

I have more questions about my appeal, who do I contact?

If you have additional questions, please contact USA Basketball’s staff liaison at Understand that the staff liaison will answer logistical questions, as well as questions about the appeal process, but cannot answer substantive questions that the Panel will address, such as whether or not you will be successful on appeal.

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