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Ball Handling Coordination

  • Author:
    By Paul Tayyar,
  • Date:
    Oct 23, 2014

Being a better ball handler takes a lot of work, as you develop coordination and comfort with the ball. Here is a drill that works wonders in helping you dribble the ball better with both hands.

How to Do the Drill:

Stand at one end of the court. Have a basketball in each hand. Begin to walk, bouncing the ball in your right hand first. In the fraction of a second after the right ball has hit the floor, bounce the left ball. In the fraction of a second after the left ball hits the floor, bounce the right ball. Continue in this fashion down the court. As you begin to feel more comfortable doing the drill, start to pick up your pace. Ideally, you will eventually be able to sprint down the floor, bouncing both balls with equal skill.

Purpose of the Drill:

To be a top-flight ball handler (which is key to being a great point guard) one must be able to survey the floor while handling the ball. He cannot afford to be concerned with whether he is going to be able to control the ball at high speeds. A classic rule of life applies here: if you can handle two of something, then mastering one thing will be much easier. In other words, if you can handle two balls at high speeds while keeping your eyes looking ahead, handling one will be a piece of cake.

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